Road to 100km/24hrs, Part 1

View from Lauskopf Summit, 2130m

“Things are as they are. Looking out into the universe at night, we make no comparisons between right and wrong stars, nor between well and badly arranged constellations.”

Alan watts

Past few weeks I have been getting at it again. The whole situation did me no good as I was slacking since my foot said no more basketball on the last November (2019). It turned to worse with everything closing and I am sitting uncomfortably now at 117kg. Woopsies.

The 100km MegaMarsch got postponed to 17th of October 2020. At least currently that’s the plan. So I got a second chance to not slack and prepare properly, another 146 Days as of 23rd of May 2020.

Just today (well, it was night) I tested some longer route reaching a bit over 29km. Up to this I didn’t really have a training schedule or anything like it, if I had I won’t be sporting my 117kg at the moment. All I did was some test runs about 20-22km where I could get out nice 6-6.5km/hr pace. So I tried night hike while being tired after a work day and some social activities. Needless to say I did overestimate myself and now my left leg (ankle and knee) is hurting again. I did make it however and with a good pace of 6km/hr throughout. Which is amazing because the last 7-8kms I had to deal with the knee pain. The route only had 60m up and down elevation so it did not result in a bigger injury.

This said it’s needless to say that at the moment with me being overweight and straining my joints on injured leg I have NO CHANCE to even compete for 100km in 24 hours. The route itself doesn’t have a serious altitude and only some elevation changes with one steep one. But if I am not able to deal with 60m ones, then I won’t be able to deal with a multiple ones on the 100km route.

Last year I managed to beat the 55km mark, but had to drop out due to pain in both ankles and knees. Could barerly walk up stairs for two weeks after the hike. The rain showers through the night and the dropping temperature to 3-4 degrees celsius only added to the frustration and defeat. This year I wanted to beat it, which won’t have been possible if the event found place as planned on 9th of May. I got my self suckered again…

BUT – as mentioned previously, I have got second chance and I am getting hooked up on this one. So the limit I reached at the moment is 29.3km, which I could extend to about 35km through enduring pain. That is not the plan though. Basically I have full 20 weeks to get to the point to do 50km+ run WITHOUT the knee pain to be able even remotly take on 100km/24hrs challenge. This means one of the first things is to drop the weight for about 15 kilos… getting from 117kg to 102kg won’t be as easy as I think as it seems I have developed some strange eating habits and my metabolism is in all time low.

So for the next 2-3 weeks I have planned to change my habits to help me drop the weight and get my joints in order by riding bike and walking smaller distances to get the footsteps and pace adjusted to more around 5.5-6km/hr mark. 6-6.5km/hr is too fast and it seems to me that it contributes to destorying my already damaged joints.

Let’s take some advanced nutrition courses and get back to the drawing boards. Join in for the ride.


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